We are a network of young people, an organization made by youth, for youth. An interview may be part of the application process. International Exchange. The program can be followed by an internship (similar to a co-op experience) of 4-6 months either in France or abroad. This page is intended for students (from overseas universities) who are interested to go on exchange and study abroad to ANU. UBC Vancouver currently has about 12,000 student beds, and normally they cannot keep up with demand as there is an annual waitlist in excess of 6,000 students. The Food Exchange is an emergency food supply for students in need. Study abroad. Please note that our usual program schedule for 2021 and for programs up to May 2021 have been changed due to precautions against COVID-19. Go Global's student exchange programs offer UBC students the opportunity to study at one of 180 partner universities, in over 35 countries abroad and in Canada. International Exchange. It’s a powerful real-life learning experience – the only one like it in Canada. .alert-content .alert-message { The UBC Learning Exchange connects people from UBC and Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside to learn in new ways. Gain work experience by completing a co-operative education placement. Being a member of the UBC cycling team turned out to be one of the greatest experiences of my exchange. We recommend it! Summer Opportunities. Founded in 2012, the club currently has 550 members made up of domestic, international and exchange students studying at UBC. #block-weatheradvisory .col-xs-12 { The University of British Columbia Vancouver campus. Discover a unique learning experience in the heart of Vancouver. } The University of British Columbia. Home / Student Experience Office. The student will develop their understanding of meaningful access, knowledge exchange, and community engagement and related skill sets in a unique context. There you'll find a wide variety of printed materials such as university calendars and brochures from partner universities. Go on academic exchange to one of 38 countries with the Go Global program. border-radius: 50%; Students may spend a term at another university on an exchange program in one of three ways: Through Go Global, see here; Through the Coordinated International Experience (CIE), see here; By arranging this directly, and securing a Letter of Permission from Engineering Student Services margin:10px auto; Political science students have much to gain by immersing themselves in the study of politics at another university in another country. You'll discover a host of opportunities to broaden your experience through exchange programs, global immersion and other initiatives. ... One on one consultation with exchange participant managers to determine your personal exchange experience Access to internship and volunteer exchange opportunity portal The Exchange, Research, and Study Abroad program allows students to choose which schools they want to go on an exchange for, and it also offers a great experience for students to do their research and studies abroad. The choices abound, and it’s up to you to decide how you will enrich your UBC experience. text-align: center; The Coordinated International Experience (CIE) program provides the opportunity to study abroad and offers academic credit for a pre-approved set of courses over one semester at one of our CIE international partner institutions. The University of British Columbia COVID 19 notice In March 2020, UBC made the difficult decision to cancel all student international travel for university purposes due to COVID-19. margin: 0; [CDATA[/* >