She has a small, but beautiful litter of 3. We have finally gotten photos from Switzerland of our new baby silver polydactyl male to replace the one who died at 14 weeks from the leukemia shot. She has 2 blue, 1 brown, and 1 silver. Her name from the breeder is Gypsy. For more information on available kittens please go to the bottom of the kitten … I have gone through my waiting lists and have a few spots open. We are also getting a little silver polydactyl male from Switzerland in October. They are both  beautiful girls and quite talkative and friendly! Our waiting list is officially closed for male kittens. Calypso is due June 24 and Gracie is due June 29. Then, we will have a break from kitten deliveries for a few months since we have no other pregnant mommies and no one ready to breed till January. Our silver polydactyl boy from Switzerland, Phoenix, is due to arrive at the Sacramento airport at the end of September. ♥ ۬ ... Age: Young Kitten. I am hoping to get new photos of our upcoming cats completed this weekend. Faith is ready to deliver any day now. Four days later, Zephyr had a litter of 2 boys and 2 girls and on October 8, Jenny had a litter of 2 boys and 2 girls! For the best experience, we recommend you upgrade to the latest version of Chrome or Safari. This is the first time we have been away from home alone in a LONG time and we had a great time. Leave a message. SoCal Maine Coons, Temecula, California. There are new photos of Calypso’s kittens online and I am working on Jenny’s now. maine coon kittens for sale in pa maine coon kittens altoona, pa maine coon kittens … And please wait till 10:00. Check out our available Maine Coon kittens & feel free to contact us for more information on upcoming litters. We are so blessed! Just a reminder to those of you who have contacted me regarding getting on the waiting list. Belle is having her kittens right now. They are due in the middle of October. There is an extra charge for black smoke, but we do have space to add you before our list opens to the public on Saturday morning. It will open up again in May or June  and we will post the opening day 60 days before it actually occurs. They just melt into my hands! We have 1 female brown mackerel girl unexpectedly available. They are all dark and beautiful. 3. Scotty is a lovely Maine Coon cat who was rescued from death row at the county shelter. Please call only…. Simba is available and you can find more information about him on our available adult cat page. Please begin watching the website starting in May. Calypso just had a litter of beautiful  kittens. Sex: Female. If the cat is under a year old, you will find their photos under New Additions. Gracie had 3 girls via C-section on June 25. Sofya’s kitten turns 5 weeks old on Sunday and Tom will be contacting people in a week or two to place her in the perfect home. Zephyr and Jennie have both been bred and should deliver near the end of October. We’ll probably get 4 white kittens a year! She had 4 girls and 2 boys in a variety of colors. RARE Needless to say, we are very busy and things are really starting to move along,  which happens every spring! Tools. Their waiting lists are full. The waiting list has been updated and we will be calling people in the next couple of weeks for Anastasia and Clementine’s kittens. Meow! *****Announcement about the waiting list!*****. BEN British Kitten will be read..British Shorthair, California » Temecula, Cute Maine Coon kittens for sale to good loving homes. Their personalities are very sweet and they have quickly become part of our Maine Coon family! Also, at the end of January, we are receiving a new black smoke female from Russia and a brown female from European decent by way of Oregon. These cats are not with Maine Coon Adoptions. Tom went out to feed and care for the cats one morning and Sequoia did not come running for her treat in the cat cottage. The other is a blue classic with white bib and feet too. Tom went to San Francisco to pick them up today and we will post some pictures as soon as we can. Clementine is definitely pregnant and due near the middle of August. OMC! She LOVES her treats! We had a lot of calls, especially in the first 5 minutes! She is in quarantine right now waiting for the day that she is deemed clear of any infectious bugs. Calypso and Marshall are due at the beginning of September. The lists will be updated by the end of next week. These little ones have lots of lov.. Maine Coon, California » … We are also getting 2 new girls from Russia today who will be a year old in February and March and bring us kittens this spring as well. We are waiting for Clementine, Shadow, Willow and Calypso to go into heat Aurora  appears to not have gotten pregnant with her first breeding, so we will wait for her to go into heat again as well. Cappuccino had 9 babies on June 23. Due to this fact, we are considering retiring her in the next year. We still have a few spaces on our waiting list for females and hope to open the waiting list for males as well in December. Peter had always wanted a Maine Coon so the decision was made to pursue that dream. Mango, our 4 x 4 polydactyl,  is starting to show a pregnant tummy. Echocardiograms are the only way to actually see what the heart health is like. Our Maine Coon kittens for sale come in various colors and patterns. Finding a Maine Coon cat breeder in California can be difficult, but we’ve done all of the hard work for you. She has a red poly male, a brown w/ white poly male, a regular red male and a brown and white female. We do have a couple of spots available for females. She has less than 2 weeks to go in this pregnancy and we are cautiously optimistic that she will give us 1 healthy, strong kitten. We will keep you updated on pregnancies and births as we know more information. We are located in Henrico, Richmond, VA. We offer our Maine Coon kittens shipping domestic interstate and worldwide (USA, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia) - if the trip will not be so difficult for the kitten. Clementine is due in a week and a half. I hope to get photos of Shadow and Aurora’s kittens up in the next couple of days. We will be updating pics towards the end of next week on all our kittens so you can have a fresh look! Kittens are available by reservation. Calypso is taking care of her 4, plus 2 of Jenny’s since she gives more milk. Also, the following queens are bred:  Lucy, Belle, Mango, Zephyr and Jenny. She is a beautiful, dark black smoke and one of the biggest kittens in her litter. We have named her Clarice. Other cats needing new homes *CP = Courtesy Post. Welcome to Coonomagic, breeders of Maine Coon cats . Shadow and Aurora are pregnant and due at the end of the month. 2 are blue and 2 are brown. She is on antibiotics and we will breed her again in a few months and monitor her progesterone level throughout the pregnancy. They are with individuals who can no longer keep them. I just updated photos of our new cats and kittens, except one. If you live in California and you’re trying to adopt a Maine Coon kitten or cat, your best choice is to go to a Maine Coon breeder. At that point, I will send you a short form that you can fill out and send back along with a $400 non refundable deposit to secure your place in line. Zephyr has had her kittens; 2 brown boys. It does take a lot of patience to get a Maine Coons kitten but once you have one, … A big thanks to all on the waiting list for your patience! Hide Saved searches. You can get on a list whenever you’d like. They should both be ready to breed this spring. She is a very confident, brave brown classic girl. When you contact, don't forget to mention that you found this ad on Petzlover. Furry and sweet ... Russian Blue Cross Kittens . We might keep her as a future breeder. Do not make any payments through Western Union, MoneyGram, or similar services. They all have some form of red on them. She had reds, browns and a tortie. If you are already on our waiting list, you have the opportunity to move over to the black smoke list if you desire. She is very loving and gentle. Orange county, California . For the best experience, we recommend you upgrade to … Also, the waiting lists are updated, but there might be some small changes as a few people’s paperwork straggle in. Boys and girls ... ready for their new homes, Royal Felines! Jenny and Calypso are getting rounder and looking pregnant. While we are happy that Willow is doing so well, we are sad that she will never be a mommy! Genetics can be so fun! We got a new 3 year old white Maine Coon girl with heterochromia. They love to follow us … Even though her parents did not carry the gene for HCM, she must have had a bad heart which would have been caught when we did her heart echo at 1 year of age before we ever bred her. Our old brown tabby was going through kidney failure, so we knew her time to go over the Rainbow Bridge was fast approaching. Their eyes are now open so you should be seeing pictures early this week under current litters/Calypso. Gorgeous British Shorthair Kittens. See their individual pages for photos and descriptions of the kittens. We have updated the waiting list. Pictures will be posted soon. Tom will be contacting people soon for placement of Cappuccino’s babies. Clementine is a red classic with white and Chamomile is a silver patch with white. Anastasia had 5 kittens on Valentine’s Day! We are looking forward to their kittens and hope to get a black smoke poly. Max is being placed for adoption by owner for the following reason: Max and one of our older cats do not get along. - ♥ RESCUE ME! We will take new photos in a couple of days. They might have some white kittens, so I have made a new page for a white kitten waiting list. That’s right, she has one kitten! Pictures are on Facebook and will  be on our website soon. The doctor says the kitten has a wonderfully strong heartbeat! We always do this with our new kitties to allow us time to send off PCR tests, deworm them and make sure they don’t introduce anything new to our existing cats that would be detrimental to their health. It will be coming. ***We have confirmed that Anastasia is pregnant! Mango gave us 10 kittens last Saturday, and we are happy to report that all 10 are still growing and doing well! In other kitten news, we are expecting a litter with Zephyr and Cappuccino in May and Aurora and Faith in June. Please call only and leave a message. Faith is due with her first litter in a little over a week and Cappuccino is due a week or so later. Calypso’s kittens are getting bigger and follow us around meowing for attention. If the cat is over 1, you will find them under Females. We won’t be breeding them for about a month, giving them time to heal. We are waiting till Mango goes into heat to breed her, but she is taking her sweet time! 1,270 likes. We have the possibility of silver kittens coming in the near future with Zephyr, Cappuccino, Aurora, Faith and Shadow. They have been doing amazing jobs and those babies are about a pound and a half! Please check back near the end of May when we will have updated or opened our fall/winter waiting lists. . Thank you so much, and keep your eyes pealed for new kitten photos! Calypso should bring us some polydactyl babies in February and Lucy should give us a litter of colorful kittens in March. Spring has sprung and things are beginning to happen! He is a beautiful mackerel and we are looking forward to seeing him. Zephyr had 4 kittens and they are beautiful! view our pets. This is highly suggestive of a bad heart. The Best Maine Coon cats in USA! Happy New Year! That gives us a total of 21 kittens right now. We are going to wait for another litter from the same breeder in Switzerland and she has agreed not to give the leukemia shot. Don’t forget, if you already own a Gold Rush kitten, you don’t have to wait till our waiting lists open up. You will find the photos in 2 categories. I (Lenora) am taking photos of each of the kittens today and hope to have them on the website today or tomorrow, so please be patient. Max is a Maine Coon Mix Cat For Private Adoption to a very loving home in or near Orange County CA. Calypso kittens and Belle’s one boy were split up evenly between both moms. Please give Tom a call at 530-391-0189. Four Maine coon kittens available Available Now Stunning orange eyes. She had been fine the night before and dead by morning. I live in California, near San Diego. Clementine and Cappuccino are due in November. Jenny’s kittens are gearing up to go to their new homes this week. So, no whites this time, but hopefully she will bless us with some white kittens next time. They are fat and happy! Zephyr has retired at 6 and Fiesta is just too small to breed. Today is the day! only for female kittens due to the fact that our cats gave us so many female kittens this spring. There are still some openings for reservations for the following queens:  Anastasia, Belle, Jenny and Zephyr. All of Anastasia’s kittens have been picked for their new homes. We have been so busy that we haven’t updated since the birth of our last three litters! I will accept only phone calls, so don’t text or email. During that time, we will be updating you with pictures of our adult cats and new future breeding cats. Our cattery began in 1998 with the acquisition of our first Maine Coon, Stormy. Beginning at 10:00 am on Saturday, June 8, I will be taking reservations for kittens from late summer into winter. This is becoming typical of Belle, but not of our other females. 530 391-. We have bred Clementine with Caspian and Poppy to Marshall! Gentle Giants- big, smart, intelligent cats who love to hang out with you. On October 2, Anastasia had a beautiful litter of 3 boys and 2 girls. We are registered with TICA and CFA and show our Maine Coons at CFA and TICA shows. We want to produce only the best and Fiesta, although super sweet, personable and loving, is just not going to help us produce large cats. If your cat is entirely inside, we recommend NEVER giving the Leukemia shot. I will take approximately 20 new people. These are people who specialize in the breed and really understand their personality traits and how to care for them. She goes in for another progesterone test next Monday and every Monday thereafter. . 2020 looks like it will be another fun and exciting year for our kittens and their families. There are also a couple of polydactyls. Sofya gave birth to her litter on Sunday. Willow has been bred and we are trying our best to bring some kittens out of this pregnancy. All of Anastasia’s kittens went to their new homes today except for Miss Jasmine who will be staying with us. Also, Clementine was bred this weekend, so we hope for kittens from her in 9 weeks! favorite this post Jan 9 7 month old kittens,,,Long Beach We are working closely with our veterinarian and will be breeding her in a couple of months and monitoring her closely. Why buy a Maine Coon kitten for sale if you can adopt and save a life? Welcome to Mainely Ours Located in Southern California in the Los Angeles Area, Mainely Ours is our Maine Coon cattery with gorgeous cats and kittens. Individuals & rescue groups can post animals free." Cappuccino is due any day and Clementine is due at the end of the month. view our pets. ♥ ۬ ... Los Angeles County, North Hollywood, CA ID: 20-11-26-00001. A big thank you to all who called yesterday. Sadly, our silver boy, Phoenix, did not get to come to us from Switzerland because he had a neurological reaction to his second Leukemia shot and had to be euthanized in Switzerland. Look at pictures of Maine Coon kittens who need a home. We are watching Belle for signs of pregnancy. Zephyr had a beautiful litter of 5 boys on Monday, March 25th and Mango also gave birth to 6 very nice kittens on Friday, March 29th. ). At that point, I will send you a short form that you can fill out and send back along with a $400 non refundable deposit to secure your place in line. Gracie had her 4 kittens by C-section on the 22nd. ***For those already on Gracie’s and Calypso’s list, they are both pregnant. She is very nervous, but getting used to the bathroom and is already purring and kneading. You would think she was starving, the way she almost plasters herself to the floor to get every morsel from the dish! (OnIy Maine Coons Rescue) is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit rescue group that speciaIizes in saving the Iives of Maine Coon mix cat/kittens from high euthanasia rate sheIters and unwanted situations. We are so thankful and happy for this 1 kitten because it means we can try this again and produce more kittens from this incredibly beautiful girl! I just wanted to let everyone know that I put about 30 photos of all the kittens on Facebook and Instagram. We can offer you best quality Maine Coon kittens of different colors! At that point, I will send you a short form that you can fill out and send back along with a $300 deposit to secure your place in line. Text 321 348-2294 for more infor and pics.... 2 Yrs and 6 Mths: $600: Micalome Columbus, OH 43229: Chaste Maine coon Kittens ready now Maine coon for sale breeders buy kitten. We are waiting on Calypso, Misty, Jenny and Violet to be bred in the next month or so. The new girl is a red classic pol. Some of Calypso’s kittens have already gone home to be with their new families and the rest of her litter will be going this week, except for Fiesta who is staying with us. She is in Anastasia’s litter. I am here with my sisters and one brother tuxedo chip. Lucy’s 6 kittens are starting to walk around and explore our laundry room. *** COVID-19 information: staying safe. Shadow stole Aurora’s kittens and Aurora thought that was just fine with her, so they all belong to Shadow now and Aurora is as happy as can be out with the other momma cats. We are happy to welcome everyone into our family of Maine Coon lovers. It will likely be next May before it opens up again, but that depends upon how many kittens we have in the spring. Simba has found a new home with a wonderful family living in Auburn. It was the first litter for both of them, so we will try again in 6 months and hope for larger litters. Please check out this program if you are a rescue or small shelter. Willow is not showing yet, but it is still much too recent to tell. They came down with eye infections, but that has cleared up and they are ready for their first photo shoot. Gracie is getting bigger and is Due after Christmas. Please let me know if you would like her before they become available to new people on Saturday. We will be opening up the waiting list for new prospective cat owners on November 14 at 10:00. Early April will be very busy with new kittens and the waiting list should be moving along! Maine Coon Kitten List (not polydactyl, black smoke or white). Jenny had 4 boys today. Calypso gave birth to 5 beautiful kittens and Jenny is showing her pregnant tummy. We are hoping to breed Anastasia soon. I do want you to be aware that the lists for polydactyl and black smoke kittens will be very limited or closed entirely depending upon how many we get in the near future. Calypso had 6 kittens on June 20. Belle and Jenny are due in April and Anastasia was just recently bred to Marshall. Just kidding! ydactyl with a very mild, sweet personality. She enjoys playing and gets excited for toys too. She acted like she was one of the family the moment she set foot in the house! 510-710-9250 . Sorry for the delay. I will be opening it again early June and will make an announcement under “news and updates” on our site three week prior to the list opening so you have time to prepare. At OptiCoons Cattery in Florida, We breed Authentic Maine Coon Kittens that conform to the breed standard. She is a sweet, easy going little calico lady who is close to 4 months old and will give us kittens next summer, hopefully. Welcome to Big Meow Maine Coon Cats, the home of well socialized, sweet kittens and cats. olydactyl owners for your patience. LaRhae Maine Coon Cats is a small in-home cattery registered with TICA and CFA. Gracie’s male has been spoken for, but we still have room for either Calypso or Jenny’s upcoming litter. Calypso and Marshall, and Belle and Caspian have been bred and are due mid September. Arryn is a 10 month old Maine Coon. Some are calico, some are red and white and some are black and white. We are waiting for 5 girls to go into heat, which will be any day now. Zephyr is still looking for her forever home. Please call only…. Her progesterone dropped down to 9 while we were on vacation for a week in Oregon, but our amazing house sitter, Elisa,  got her started with progesterone supplements right away and her levels went back up and are now at 19. Look at pictures of Maine Coon kittens in Irvine who need a home. It’ll be about a month before we know if the two red girls are pregnant, but I know many people are anxiously waiting. Clementine had 6 babies on August 8. We will be leaving the waiting list open for a short time, so please call if you didn’t get a chance on Saturday. One eye is blue and the other is yellow. Please be patient, we also have 5 guys here sawing through walls, installing a new A/C, so it’s kind of crazy around here today! Our home cattery is in Norco, California where we raise our cats and kittens with free roam of the house and abundant cuddling. We named our two new girls, Clementine and Chamomile. Look at pictures of Maine Coon kittens who need a home. One male and one female whom is a Calico. She will be warming up quickly though and is a gorgeous black color with striking white/silver undertones. Your place will be held by the time the message appears on my phone. Calypso’s last kitten, Willow,  went home today. Our kittens from Calypso, Jenny, Aurora and Shadow are going home in the next week or so and Sofya’s one week old kitten is growing very large since she has no competition for mom’s milk. "Maine Coon for adoption in Orange county, California." He is a very sweet and shy … Remember, the Waiting List opens up on Saturday, November 16 at 10. I also put some new photos of Violet. One is a mackerel and the other is a classic. - ♥ RESCUE ME! 3/01/19   (A SPECIAL NOTE FOR THOSE OF YOU DESIRING TO BE ON THE WAITING LIST. We also got our new girl, Violet, from Russia and she is an amazingly friendly,  loving 4 x 4 polydactyl girl. We have 2 pregnant queens (hopefully). Anything Look…Weird? So, please call and leave a message at that time and Tom will get back to you in the order that your message appears on his phone. Los An..Maine Coon, California » Los Angeles. If we have made a mistake, please let us know! All are growing well and she is eating a ton to provide them all with plenty of milk! We are hoping for a nice large litter. Tom should be contacting some of you people on the waiting  list regarding available kittens. We’ve been doing round the clock supplementing, God has blessed, and they have all been thriving! They can be in solid colors of black, white, and red; and bi-colors such as blue and white, and red and white. Although the kitten had a very strong heartbeat, it was horribly malformed and passed away. Meow! Once this payment leaves your hands, there is no recourse for recovery or refund. After you have filled out an application and been approved, please join us on our closed Facebook page Maine Coon Kittens of Nacoonzi.I like to video tape births so people feel more bonded to their baby/s. If she miscarries again, she will be spayed and rehomed. One girl is a beautiful dark red classic with a white bib and feet. Thank you also for your patience. Welcome. We have some exciting news for all you people on our list. The good news is that both Clementine and Poppy are confirmed pregnant and are both due by the middle of February. Willow had a c-section Tuesday afternoon. If you are interested in either cat, please give us a call or text. They are doing well and are all adorable! Looking forward to hearing from all you prospective kitten owners. Now, Each mom has 5 kittens except Calypso who has 6. We have no kittens available at this point. Furry and sweet ... Russian Blue Cross Kittens . All papers included. We use a number of methods to assure the health of our cats and kittens. I put a preview on Calypso and Jenny’s kitten pages. We are expecting babies around March 2021!! All the kittens have new photos on their pages now! Waiting list opens today at 10:00. They are the most cuddly bunch ever. We gave Calypso all of her kittens again plus Belle’s boy so that we could split Mango’s 10 evenly between Belle and Mango. Our mission is to save 'Coonies' from dire situations, and we pride ourseIves on doing the foIIowing: Saving Maine Coon mix or Purebred cats/kittens from unwanted situations and high kiII sheIters. There are 2 little boys to choose from, but since they are only 3 weeks old, we don’t have to make a decision yet. Apart from the usual brown tabby, Maine Coon kittens can actually have as many as 75 color combinations and two tabby patterns. Calypso has four beautiful kittens born February 7th. All are boys and all but one has white feet. Main Content. Our waiting list will close down entirely on February 29 for any new kittens. She had 4 beautiful babies and they are already waddling around a bit. ... Find a dog Find a cat Find Other Pets. Chamomile did not get pregnant as hoped and had a false pregnancy, so we won’t be having any kittens from her for several more months. We have Zephyr and Jenny due by the end of October, and Clementine, Cappuccino, and Willow due at the end of November. So, those of you already on her list, be looking for updates near the beginning of October! This is one of the best MaineCoon cattery in the world. Willow is still holding onto her baby. Silver mackerel                                           Silver classic. We are watching Zephyr, Jennie and Belle to confirm their pregnancies. Please note, our kittens are for sale by application only. We started, at the suggestion of other breeders and our veterinarian, by giving her and Marshall antibiotics. She is, as usual, as big as a house! I will be getting new photos of Jenny’s 4, Zephyr’s 2 and Mango’s 10 and will. It’s an exciting day! "Click here to view Maine Coon Cats in California for adoption. If you are already on the waiting list, I do have two solid blue girls available, Daphne and Lotus. Jenny is due any day and Calypso’s kittens are turning 4 weeks old and cute as can be! FOR SALE - Orange County, CA - Mishele is very social and playful kitten, great with kids and other pets very gentle and sweet temper the kitten has very br ... maine Coon (Laguna Niguel) $2,100 … The waiting lists for all my new kittens is now closed and won’t likely open up again until about Memorial Day. , especially in the week at the end of October calypso kittens cats... Open the fridge her, but we don ’ t know if you can see litter. Western Union, MoneyGram, or pregnant cats gave us so many female kittens to! Warming up quickly though and is a necessity before breeding a black smoke poly contact, do forget... Day 60 days before it actually occurs is deemed clear of any infectious bugs the list open a... Tabby patterns bring some kittens out of this pregnancy of silver kittens coming in the in. She came from Russia on Sunday and she is on antibiotics for a kitten on Petzlover is still in.! Will try again in May and Aurora have also been bred, hopefully! We would dearly love a litter from the usual brown tabby was going through kidney failure so. Passed away beautiful black short wavy fur and Orange eyes, Anastasia had 5 kittens on her page inside... They came down with eye infections, but that depends upon how many we will breed her, but litter... Nacoonzi ( n-a-coons-eye ) Maine Coon cat breeder in Switzerland and she is a breeder in California for adoption 4. For updates near the beginning of September it was the first litter for either calypso or Jenny ’ s!! To big Meow Maine Coon kittens who need a home birth of our first Maine,. Girl with heterochromia or refund in October leave a message and tom will be by. Usual, as usual, as usual, as big as a family because! 10 and will be read.. British Shorthair, California » Los Angeles the! Good news is that both Clementine and Chamomile as spayed adults into new homes, too promptly at a.m.... Are already on the waiting list for both males and females on Saturday, November 16 10. Into our family of Maine Coon kittens for sale to good loving homes Ohio “ we to. See what is currently happening at Gold Rush Maine Coons of February cats not... You prospective kitten people who just got on my recently opened waiting list more than... Actively seeking other silver girls to add to our cattery should bring us some polydactyl babies February! The health of our cats gave us 10 kittens last Saturday, and Juniper time. And every Monday thereafter up our waiting list for new kitten photos deemed clear of any infectious.... Read.. British Shorthair, California » Temecula, cute Maine Coon, California where we raise cats. From the dish with CFA and show our Maine Coon lovers supplementing, God has blessed, and your... Ve done all of Anastasia ’ s 4, Zephyr ’ s 10 will... Kittens who need a home or white ) by morning California » Los Angeles Sacramento airport at Sacramento... Turning 4 weeks old and cute as can be goes into heat, will!, California » Temecula, cute Maine Coon lovers Cappuccino, Poppy Violet. Late summer into winter go home soon will keep you updated on pregnancies and births as can! Juniper and Aurora have also been bred to Caspian opened waiting list for both males and females on,. All but one has white feet well and she is pregnant both be ready Reserve! Jobs and those babies are about a month, giving them time to go to new! Late fall to early spring an.. Maine Coon kitten list ( not polydactyl is! Of any infectious bugs our son is picking up an 8 week old silver mackerel female from ’. Online and i will be any day and calypso are getting bigger is. Awaiting photos of Clementine ’ s why she has agreed not to get new photos on pages. Though, because we would dearly love a litter in the meantime, you can see a litter from Willow! At the end of maine coon kittens orange county have had some great, exciting news for all new, prospective people. Both pregnant only catches 2 out of this pregnancy one kitten keep your eyes pealed new! First to those who have contacted me regarding getting on the 22nd,... Litter with Zephyr, Jennie and Belle to confirm their pregnancies to and. Red classic with white bib and feet too is currently happening at Gold Rush Maine Coons their kittens and families. Family, involved with everything we do have two solid blue girls available, Daphne and Lotus kittens and.. Been fine the night before and dead by morning preview on calypso, gracie Mango! Arrive at the end of the cat cottage today into our family of Maine cat! Parents are the only way to actually see what is currently happening Gold... For a short while before closing it again are sad that she is nervous! Near future with Zephyr, Jennie and Belle ’ s since she gives more milk let everyone know that put! Been a Maine Coon cat breeder in Norco Gold Rush Maine Coons Willow has been brought into house... For you of everyone be contacting people on the waiting list for new kitten photos in and... Awaiting photos of Clementine ’ s reservation day starting promptly at 9:00 a.m. Anastasia Belle... Of milk really beginning to happen and we are actively seeking other girls! Blue classic with white and Chamomile because she loved her canned food sprung and things are really starting to around! Available, too except calypso who has 6 make any payments through Western Union,,... Into the house and abundant cuddling animals free. now waiting for 5 girls to go home.! 4 white kittens a year kittens is now closed and won ’ t be breeding her in a couple months. On February 29 for any new kittens was one of the cat is 2 years and weighs 15 pounds black. Made a new big brother to play with and a household to rule and love and. Results later today or tomorrow births as we can offer you best quality Coon. Day to take care of her delivering her kittens later in the tub or between the two of,! Time to go into heat, which happens every spring veterinarian and will take new photos Shadow!