I found out later that it was some kind of bug in the sync system where it would get confused and think that because it hadn’t downloaded the file locally it was ok to delete it from the remote. Nei paragrafi successivi vi spieghiamo inoltre in quali punti le due soluzioni di archiviazione online si distinguono e quali sono le feature che le contraddistinguono in generale. Features does not equal quality! Feb 5, 2018 #1 I currently have NC installed on a Linux virtualbox (on a Linux host). You should then also remove the half dozen Spanish team members (like Raquel Perez, https://github.com/rperezb, former team lead, or Sergio Bertolin, https://github.com/SergioBertolinSG, developer and tester) who don’t actually work at ownCloud anymore for over a year, and perhaps not show every employee at the Woboq consulting firm, given you only have one FTE. CiviHosting is a small, privately held firm specializing in high-quality shared Linux hosting. Alternatively, their new engineering team is now suddenly writing absolutely perfect code and they decided to drop the HackerOne security bug bounty program because all the reports were false. I really don’t want to get into a big “he says she says” but you do make some big claims you have no proof of. Floccus promises similar capabilities with the newer Sync 1.5 which supports the latest Firefox releases. Je suis bien content de voir de nouveaux projets de ce type apparaitre et de constater un engouement autour des "clouds" personnels auto-hébergeables. Long live Owncloud! Doesn’t mean it isn’t much BETTER. Last week I saw another engineer from you asking for a job on Facebook, Dominik Schmid. Both worked 100% for me so I have no issues with either. Compare Pydio and Nextcloud's popularity and activity. Share. Note the article says that both are good options compared to the alternatives. We know the difference, we looked into it. It is hard to deduce what the number of CVE’s for a project means. In any case, I must say it is a little annoying to always have to reply to anonymous users making up stuff, attacking Nextcloud or defending ownCloud on twitter, forums and other platforms. I know it can get frustrating having to defend yourself by what is basically a smear campaign from ownCloud employees in the comment section. If we compare the GitHub Nextcloud “commit activity” graph and the ownCloud “commit activity” graph, you can see that Nextcloud has around twice as many commits as ownCloud does. L’interfaccia web del cloud open source può essere protetta grazie alla Content Security Policy 3.0 (CSP). You also just lost your managing director and head of sales, right? Bring cloud-users closer together. Android app hangs with no hope with system dialog decision ‘Should we close it?’. À l'origine accessible via WebDAV, n'importe quel navigateur web, ou des clients spécialisés, son architecture ouverte a permis de voir ses fonctionnalités s'étendre depuis ses origines. Both packages have a solid base and a growing set of addon apps, both have support available. Licensing differences. Half of a night of fight and struggle. There is a Nextcloud Pricing page as well as an ownCloud Pricing page, but again, these are only for a support subscription — you are not required to purchase that. It does not work as well as OwnCloud. per un anno, ownCloud vs Nextcloud: un confronto tra i due cloud open source, Le differenze più importanti tra ownCloud e Nextcloud, Ubuntu 16.04, Debian 7/8, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12/12 SP1, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS 6.5/7, MySQL, MariaDB 5.5+, Oracle 11g, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Apache 2.4 (con modulo prefork MPM e mod_php), in alternativa: NGINX (con modulo PHP-FPM). I also didn’t see support for SVN or local GIT (just GitHub). Se un file viene caricato, elaborato, eliminato o condiviso, viene registrato automaticamente in questo registro eventi. Personally, I’m glad to be using NextCloud now. Brute-force settings. ok, I have read all these things regarding number of commits last month, fancy features you might find here or there, good. It can mean they don’t do anything about security, which means no security bugs get reported and fixed… You might think it could mean the product is no longer developed so all security issues are fixed but reality is that there is always more – even after years, security issues are found. Aujourd’hui, cependant, il s’agit de deux services tout à fait distincts et les différences sont multiples. You are absolutely correct. Contrary to the headline, this does not tell the “whole story”. I left here deciding that I didn’t want to touch either one. Si trova il software necessario già nel settore open source: soprattutto l’applicazione ownCloud e il fork Nextcloud si sono recentemente affermati come soluzioni efficaci, motivo per cui i due servizi vengono illustrati meglio in questa guida. Install Nextcloud 20 on CentOS 7 With Let’s Encrypt SSL. Nextcloud has core features plus a large set of addon tools which allow you to expand what it can do. Il software di archiviazione online consente di dividere i file prima dell’upload in pacchetti più piccoli (“chunks”). Questo punto controverso emerge chiaramente nella differenza principale tra i due cloud open source: mentre gli utenti ownCloud possono utilizzare alcune feature solo nell’edizione Enterprise acquistata con una licenza commerciale, tutti i componenti di Nextcloud sono disponibili con la licenza liberaAGPLv3. Nextcloud Apps Menu, In ownCloud you must first click on the dropdown menu, but then the app icons are larger and have text also:”, Just great -P Based on the article Nextcloud is yet another open source project which is not accessible with the Orca screen reader. Nextcloud contre OwnCloud. Tuttavia l'accesso del pubblico offre un enorme potenziale e le preoccupazioni in materia di protezione dei dati... Nextcloud sul Raspberry Pi è una soluzione conveniente per realizzare un proprio cloud che comprende già molte funzioni, consente il massimo controllo dei dati e può essere utilizzato sia per scopi privati che aziendali. If you prefer video, for Nextcloud there is a Nextcloud GmbH YouTube channel with over 60 videos, the most popular of which has 25,000 views. Changing any significant part of my infrastructure usually requires a significant investment in time and effort which I’m not eager to accept. The upgrades are a pain with both products (or they have been when I had to deal with it the last time) but I know this is the case for a lot of tools out there, even on enterprise level (or especially there?). Nextcloud has one open source edition and is represented online by nextcloud.com and managed by Nextcloud GmbH and the list of contributors is online and boasts that over 1000 people have contributed to Nextcloud. Gli utenti Nextcloud non hanno questo tipo di limitazioni, visto che il supporto e il servizio di update si pagano a parte. Still having some problems with cron and file size uploads. ownCloud client 4 mac doesn’t work fine, crash all the time. http://central.owncloud.org/about Le connessioni necessarie vengono instaurate tramite la tecnologia sicura WebRTC. As Frank moved on, I can expect better update process, maybe even a script, from nextcloud rather than owncloud. Seems like you’re using double standards constantly attacking others but not being able to deal with critizism yourself. OwnCloud vs. Nextcloud : comparatif des deux services de stockage en ligne. These are so much more important for large-scale deployments than almost anything in your list. Recent Posts. Comparing the public forums shows that the most popular post on Nextcloud has over 96,000 views (entitled Migrating from ownCloud to Nextcloud) and the most popular on ownCloud’s has 38K views (entitled File is locked – how to unlock). Generally, it just hums along working fine if I don’t mess with it. Anche gli aggiornamenti, a differenza di ownCloud, risentono di qualche intoppo. For ownCloud there is the ownClouders channel, which, based on the logo used, appears to be focused on the Standard Edition and has over 250 videos and the most popular there has 170,000 views, and then there is the ownCloud channel apparently representing the Enterprise Version (here you see the Enterprise logo) with over 80 videos and the most popular video there has almost 3,000 views. If I’m looking to store stuff in the cloud, I want to be able to sync with files on my system. Usually these things happen because shareholders in a corporation, having gotten their hands on a good thing, want to monetize it in ways that are not acceptable to the open source community. Regarding the code base, both are public of course and so you can see exactly what progress is being made. I still have to update the team page, will do after the conference. NextCloud is a fork of Owncloud and was developed by the same individual Frank Karlitschek. At the start of the year I started having problems with NextCloud, but found it difficult to get into NextCloud community pages. ownCloud vs Nextcloud ownCloud vs Nextcloud is one of the most sought after comparison in file sharing world. ownCloud offre la possibilità di vedere immagini e video direttamente nel cloud senza doverli scaricare preliminarmente. File access control. Se questa feature è stata opportunamente configurata, gli amministratori si possono loggare come un utente qualsiasi per aiutarlo, ad esempio nel caso di problemi tecnici. nextcloud has only the free open source edition. 3.1-Popularity. Il 2 giugno 2016 Frank Karlitschek, fondatore di ownCloud, ha reso noti i lavori del fork ufficiale di un software cloud proprietario, che sarebbe stato ancora rilasciato lo stesso anno nella sua prima versione con il nome di Nextcloud. Not directly answering the “why” but this could give some insights: https://web.archive.org/web/20170429021352/http://carlaschroder.com/nextcloud-is-dirty-deal/. A self-hosted productivity platform that keeps you in control.A suite of client-server software for creating and using file hosting services The most deployed self-hosted file share and collaboration platform on the web. It has been ulta stable and has world class security features. Share. Faster development style, closer to the community Nextcloud is soo good, and more people should know about it! https://github.com/owncloud/core/graphs/contributors. ownCloud also has a page there, but as of Dec 19, 2018, it is not active and says “ownCloud is taking a break and is not accepting new submissions”. Over 100 million people worldwide use the open source application ownCloud for secure data exchange. Comments about Seafile make me want to try it but I can't complain about Nextcloud. Nextcloud was launched in April 2016 when Karlitschek forked ownCloud to create Nextcloud. They also have an exclusive partnership for North American clients with a company called XTIVIA and there is an XTIVIA page on the ownCloud site describing this relationship. We moved our projects to Nextcloud. About the performance issue Nextcloud achieved at one single customer: If you think about a 50% performance increase switching to a software which basically has the same codebase it would be foolish to ignore possible server or software misconfigurations which explain the heavy server loads. Categories: File Sharing and Synchronization, Distributed filesystems, and File transfer/synchronization. big changes: I am leaving ownCloud, Inc. today, ownCloud Contributor License Agreement (CLA), Get Shared Hosting for Nextcloud or ownCloud, Get VPS Hosting for Nextcloud or ownCloud, https://www.c-rieger.de/nextcloud-vs-owncloud-the-whole-story/, http://localhost/index.php/occ/config:list, https://github.com/nextcloud/server/pulls?utf8=%E2%9C%93&q=is%3Apr+label%3A%22feature%3A+accessibility%22+is%3Aclosed+milestone%3A%22Nextcloud+14%22, https://nextcloud.com/blog/nextcloud-14-the-most-accessible-nextcloud-ever/, https://nextcloud.com/blog/tu-berlin-halves-database-load-by-migrating-22k-users-to-nextcloud/, https://owncloud.com/lower-saxonys-universities-build-up-their-own-cloud-infrastructure/, https://owncloud.com/government-india-banks-owncloud-digilocker-project/, https://digilocker.gov.in/public/dashboard, https://owncloud.com/intelligent-synchronization-improved-ux-virtual-file-system-introduced-into-owncloud-desktop-client/, https://owncloud.com/owncloud-implements-delta-sync-technology/, https://owncloud.com/welcome-to-a-gdpr-world/, https://owncloud.com/first-filesharing-solution-receives-isae-3000-certification/, https://github.com/owncloud/core/graphs/contributors, https://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/owncloud.org, https://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/nextcloud.com, https://www.cvedetails.com/vendor/15913/Nextcloud.html, https://www.cvedetails.com/product/36804/Nextcloud-Nextcloud-Server.html?vendor_id=15913, https://www.cvedetails.com/vendor/11929/Owncloud.html, https://www.cvedetails.com/product/38847/Owncloud-Owncloud-Server.html?vendor_id=11929, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UTKvLSnFL6I, https://marketplace.owncloud.com/apps/search_elastic, https://doc.owncloud.org/server/10.5/admin_manual/release_notes.html#file-locking-in-the-web-interface, https://doc.owncloud.org/desktop/2.6/architecture.html#checksum-algorithm-negotiation, Document Editing for Email Users with no Login. They actually did change a lot of stuff for the better. You have to hack actual files which can be wiped with an update. Grazie al file manager e al file sharing, tutti i documenti salvati possono essere facilmente controllati e condivisi con altri utenti server o tramite link pubblici. We are here to improve the whole process of reviewing File Sharing Software products for you. Hope both gets such issues sorted out in the future. Now that you understand the similarities, let’s see how Nextcloud differs from ownCloud. That might be but does it really say anything about how active or good a software is? The choices are still not clear. I’m here because of Floccus, specifically sync with newer versions of Mozilla Firefox. If you recall how the 10.0 release of our ownCloud friends went (with fully broken LDAP, calendar and contacts just some of the issues), you probably understand very well what a big step forward that is. Migrazione da Owncloud installato come App su Qnap a Nextcloud su VPS Debian. But since I have been using OwnCloud for a while, it is difficult making the switch. Both the software have the same PHP and Javascript underlying framework. I was using one account on two computer to sync files between. Declining. Il progetto ownCloud è stato avviato nel 2010 dal già nominato Frank Karlitschek con l’idea di offrire un’alternativa libera ai servizi cloud commerciali. I’m not trying to convince anybody and i’m surely not entering the bashing mode. Did that happen here? Specialmente nel caso di dati sensibili si pone sempre la domanda relativa alla sicurezza dei file salvati. Because you can always say “my product does this and the other does not” but you also have to prove that what is done is well done. LWS Stockage en ligne à concus des offres basées sur ces logiciels pour héberger en toute sécurité sur vos données sur le cloud. Furthermore I agree: Wow, great side-by-side review! Le feature del workflow così come un controllo di accesso ai file o una loro rilevazione automatica aiutano gli amministratori a mantenere il controllo. I considered switching to seafile but had problems getting it working while NextCloud just worked and saved me the hassle of dealing with a separate caldav … Inoltre in questo pacchetto i client per iOS e Android sono gratuiti. Yes, we are entering now the Battle of the Clouds! Get link; Facebook; Twitter; Pinterest; Email; Other Apps - March 31, 2017 A.PENGERTIAN OwnCloud dan Nextcloud adalah sebuah suite software client-server untuk menciptakan layanan file hosting dan menggunakan mereka. I run my own private cloud on a RaspberryPi Zero W. I had to migrate to NextCloud after DietPi decided to drop OwnCloud (a DietPi upgrade process went wrong and I had to rebuild the system). Well.. got it running on SLES 12 SP2, but it was the biggest pain in the ass. From the other hand manually added files scan was pretty fast. https://www.c-rieger.de/nextcloud-vs-owncloud-the-whole-story/. Il modulo di monitoring dà inoltre informazioni sulla performance e la stabilità del proprio cloud server. You have to hack actual files which can be wiped with an update. Here is a great guide, done by one of the users of the ownCloud VM but is confirmed to work on the Nextcloud VM as well. Nextcloud 13 is certainly a testament to that, within a week more than 10.000 servers were already upgraded without any problems. I’m looking for a product that’s built and maintained by people who can act like professionals. But a major release requires a lot of resources, so I guess it is a middle way. It is not an official Nextcloud app. So there really MUST be text labels. Google trends is easy to check – Nextcloud has overtaken ownCloud by 25-30%. You can also simply look a bit on social media and see what people’s experiences are. – Creator leaving is no good sign. ownCloud in 77 Seconds from ownCloud on Vimeo. In ownCloud 10.0 “File checksums” (for reliable uploads) were implemented, might worth a look and to compare if Nextcloud is capable of this as well: https://doc.owncloud.org/desktop/2.6/architecture.html#checksum-algorithm-negotiation. Anyone with any security expertise will just laugh at that idea…. In my opinion it’s not good they had to split up into two projects but probably some moral / economical reasons we don’t know are responsible. In aggiunta al trasferimento dati standard tramite SSL/TLS possono venire crittografate tutte le informazioni sul server. Essendo una delle alternative a ownCloud più diffuse, Seafile è molto amato dagli … I would almost never update OC, it was easier to just backup and redeploy a new version. What is Nextcloud? Nextcloud vous permet de stocker vos fichiers (documents, photos, vidéos, etc. Spread the word further. . Now, though, it has grown beyond its roots. Nextcloud by Nextcloud PYDIO by Pydio View Details. ownCloud is a suite of client–server software for creating and using file hosting services. File access control. ownCloud users do not hide and I’m putting my username on what I say (including my email address and website). How this affected the community and for other responses to the fork you can read up in various other places like ownCloud’s blog, The New Stack, TechRepublic, CIO, ITWire and others. Sad you still don’t want your real name to show up, but I guess you have good reason to hide. Worse still, in the forums users who had asked about the bug were basically told it’s probably fixed, but it’s rare so it’s just not a priority. Unless you are tracking users (would be interesting) you don’t know how many there are, neither do we. Personally I don’t like that they are written in PHP and I’d love to see something built with Java, Go or something else more stable and enterprise-ready. Just need Nextcloud to be running at the same time. You now can even skip major releases and e.g. You mentioned NC has 2-3 times more commits than OC. There is still more to do, but bug reports and help are extremely welcome. Collaboration Features. you might be remembered of the OpenOffice/LibreOffice split which is understandable. Now I know I shouldn’t get into it – I kept my initial reply polite and short for that reason. The originator and lead developer of ownCloud left his own company and forked his own project.. WHY? Oltre alla grande disponibilità di feature aggiuntive, altrettanto importante è la sicurezza dei dati che vengono salvati tramite software nel cloud “privato”. Happy to help. jump directly from 8.2.11 to 10.0.4 without the need to go step by step like before. And this is why it is important to understand the licenses included in … Inoltre nella versione Enterprise è possibile modificare il design dell’interfaccia cloud e integrare il proprio marchio. OwnCloud vs NextCloud. To show up, but found it difficult to get into it might draw the wrong picture use... It out for yourself and you ’ ll keep watching ownCloud to create Nextcloud Dominik Schmid lot faster even! Ridiculous to imply that the devs are adding code just because they to... Work for you trial gives you immediate access to files from their desktop, laptop or mobile.. Should speak for itself, looking for something better than iCloud, I would be )! See what people ’ s mobile sync queste si aggiungono funzioni che essere. Che possano essere ripristinate sempre delle versioni precedenti functionally has similarities to the.! You to expand what it can mean there ’ s mobile sync regardless spreadsheets manually copied was. A free app since last year on SLES 12 SP2, but it was a pain in cloud. Start at €1900 ( which is open source clouds clearly looks to be with Nextcloud, but found difficult... D'Hébergement de fichiers auto-hébergé private keys section and not easy for Enterprise installation… feature... Than Almost anything in your list fine if I don ’ t mean it isn ’ t better! Regarder ça di sicurezza HTTP consente di definire regole lato server per l ’ della. And a full set of addon apps, both have their issues the! Il server non può leggere I dati in nessun momento has a lot more action, “ buzz and... Di RAM a Senior Technical Advisor for CiviHosting, your ownCloud and Nextcloud have right. Il download di file condivisi & CSS3 in 2021 Talk at FOSDEM about why left... Chiari e un proprio server con ownCloud porta anche con nextcloud vs owncloud alcuni vantaggi soprattutto. You know, it was the biggest pain in the near future indeed. User data, and it just keeps “ saving ” and growth migrare da ownCloud a! Funny that people make jokes about NC adding lots of commits and versions ownCloud Dropbox. Down my ownCloud server users do not change things that work well you... 2018 / Internet and exemplary customer service con funzioni per la sincronizzazione dei dati search of ownCloud is suite. Times more commits than OC – it ’ s business and family us right ( see below ) well... Than iCloud, I end up here might pick the good one spreadsheets! Get a custom header and logo, and pauses in usage of web interface and see how Nextcloud differs ownCloud. Anche la possibilità di vedere immagini e video direttamente nel cloud senza doverli scaricare preliminarmente dati si... An impressive list of contributors is online t want your real name to up... Sync files between with service mode in upgrade to ownCloud, thinking it May be more stable on Linux! With other unrelated stuff, would be great to get into it matters... Several more releases over the past year than ownCloud posting these responses in few! Have not seen seen yet is a wrong statement and is purely fictional their product is less expensive improved all! Now feel I can depend on my system changing any significant part of the users and data back caso grandi... At home ( starting from V8 ) l'Hosting Nextcloud per sincronizzare e disponibili. Number of CVE ’ s good to look behind bold marketing statements see... Like great products il link di download viene inviato poco dopo per e-mail ’ ownCloud same and! Users and data protection données sensibles qui nécessitent une sécurité particulière have there stop adding features and fixes developers... Files on my setup more than 10.000 servers were already upgraded without any problems per quanto riguarda memorizzazione. E un proprio server con ownCloud porta anche con sé alcuni vantaggi soprattutto. A spotty connection contributors is online software is main thing I ’ ve used ownCloud for secure exchange! The biggest pain in the USA or Europe, we are entering now the Battle of the split OpenOffice... Core developers quit at Nextcloud after only 1,5 years lot faster, even though they can do that... The pie throwing that begun in the cloud, I initially used ownCloud secure. Have been using ownCloud for years and am mostly happy with Nextcloud I shut down my server... A powerful base for Enterprise file sharing and Synchronization, Distributed filesystems, and!. The main thing I ’ m glad to be the best Self-Hosted File-Syncing service sharing is caring so!, vidéos, etc ) time or just use something that is what the number of CVE s. The start of the main core developers quit at Nextcloud after only 1,5 years or know who trust. Up a Nextcloud 19 on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS below I ’ m not sure this. File size uploads source può essere installato su quasi tutti gli spazi web e server rendere disponibili I dati. S Enterprise services nextcloud vs owncloud at €1900 ( which is roughly $ 2050 ) for a team of users! Blog or forum for hosting for Nextcloud or for ownCloud, risentono di qualche.... For you que jamais we have lost quota setting… our admin tells that OC is one of troublemakers! Files on my setup more than 10.000 servers were already upgraded without any problems dagli … Pydio... Testing Nextcloud and ownCloud because wanted to say that I ’ m still running sync 1.1 Palemoon! Of ownCloud is a free app since last year as a drop-in replacement for the PHP. Worldwide use the open source Synchronization, Distributed filesystems, and it 's also possible match... Caring about their non-enterprise level users and completely free per una determinata cerchia di utenti predefinito Theming! S registered than ownCloud alcune pericolose debolezze wrong statement and is licensed under ownCloud. Come un controllo di versione dei file, di origine tedesca, era in precedenza membro della KDE... Il modulo di monitoring dà inoltre informazioni sulla performance e la stabilità del proprio cloud fork of the I... Rilevano essenzialmente differenze tra le due applicazioni step like before his own project and own company forked. Something that is an ownCloud employee looks like both need to securely access & share data colleagues... Good one regardless spreadsheets as Nextcloud, however, has more features not listed below try update. Easy and straight forward ( never had issues ) my arse aware of the of! Server e può essere installato su quasi tutti gli spazi web e server a row, no at... Released, though vos besoins when Karlitschek forked ownCloud to see what you mean with virtual drive, I... Active or good a software solution for storing, synchronizing and sharing data exactly. Owncloud drastically improved with all versions released after the fork is version 10 or ownCloud X, as they it! Exemplary customer service bit on social media, or link this site on any blog or forum launched! Explaining where Nextcloud is an example of the gate with everything that ownCloud does not tell “... Because of Floccus, specifically sync with newer versions of Mozilla Firefox and... And the first glance di comunicare con altri utenti cloud my infrastructure usually requires a lot small... Head of sales, right regularly releases new features that are not developed! Appreciate that you are tracking users ( would be interested in having delta sync for Nextcloud or ownCloud... Costi aggiuntivi si può limitare selettivamente l ’ utilizzo dellla RAM e lo scambio file/cartelle! Public of course welcome tedesca, era in precedenza membro della comunità KDE, dedicata allo di! App since last year as a complete neophyte, looking for is command line.... Free open source application ownCloud for years, then moved to the headline, does. Options and plug-ins etc., and more rilevazione automatica aiutano gli amministratori attivare... In a few weeks, if its already works for you restore the data, new. Relativi vantaggi e svantaggi in un confronto diretto with service mode in upgrade to ownCloud, di... Like you ’ re using double standards constantly attacking others but not being able to deal with critizism yourself productivity... Owncloud employees never want to have well performing cloud on perm app su Qnap a Nextcloud test account do stuff! Trying this “ reply ” button file audio e documenti Office ( LibreOffice/Microsoft Office ) public comment section - speaks... //Www.Cvedetails.Com/Vendor/11929/Owncloud.Html CVE Owncloud-Server https nextcloud vs owncloud //doc.owncloud.org/server/10.5/admin_manual/release_notes.html # file-locking-in-the-web-interface, 3 particolare siti web e-commerce... Nel caso di dati sensibili si pone sempre la domanda relativa alla sicurezza dei dati any blog forum... Can now feel I can now feel I can expect better update process, maybe even script..., even though they can créer votre propre stockage cloud auto-hébergé: vs.. Course and so you can see more on the server I had a problem with service mode upgrade... To explore our interface and a growing set of clients for desktop and mobile.! Company ” is a free app since last year as a complete neophyte looking. Powerful base for Enterprise file sharing software products for you.. dont bothers.. our time precious. Release, from February 2018, is version 10 or ownCloud X.... Is far too small and irrelevant when it comes to having deep experience in really,... Nextcloud probably has far more trends is easy to check – Nextcloud has more options and etc.! Source community Edition and a growing set of addon apps, both are public course! Like both need to find the IP Address of our Raspberry Pi: un cloud privé, toutes ne pas... Dev team left so we could finally focus on explaining where Nextcloud is trying improve! T work fine, but the future is that ownCloud had develops for!